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Curving along the south-western border of Switzerland, Lake Geneva offers stunning vistas of crystalline water reflecting snow-capped mountains.


Geneva is situated where the Rhône River and Lake Geneva meet. An international city that promises a blend of people, cultures, cuisine, and entertainment, Geneva is admired for its many museums, galleries, and parks. Geneva is also a diplomatic center hosting the European headquarters for the United Nations as well as many inter-governmental organizations. Geneva is also ranked the third largest financial center in Europe, behind London and Zurich.

City Attractions

St. Pierre Cathedral

St. Pierre Cathedral is of both spiritual and cultural significance. Originally Catholic, the Cathedral is best known as the adopted home church of John Calvin, and has come to represent the height of the Reformed tradition. Recent excavations have revealed rich history dating back to the Roman Empire. The archeological site and tour are complemented by the International Museum of the Reformation. A climb to the top of the Cathedral’s towers offers stunning views of Geneva and the lake. Plan your visit to catch free live organ performances.

Jet d'Eau

One of Geneva’s most famous landmarks, the Jet d’Eau is situated where the Rhône River exits Lake Geneva. First installed in 1886 as a safety valve for a hydraulic power network, locals and visitors alike enjoyed the fountain so much that in 1891 a permanent pump was installed. Beautifully lit at night, the foundation can be viewed from a distance, or for a wetter experience, the more adventurous can walk along the pathway that leads right up to the Jet d’eau.


Built upon three hills, Lausanne rests on the northern most point of Lake Geneva and is a picturesque drive or ferry ride from Geneva. Many writers, artists, and musicians have called Lausanne their second home, creating a rich tradition in the arts. Explore the Old Town with its meandering cobble stone streets, the Sauvabelin Forest just north of the city center, and enjoy a climb up the Cathedral Tower to enjoy panoramic views of the Alps and Lake Geneva.

City Attractions

Old Town

Lausanne Cathedral, with early Gothic architecture, is central in Old Town. Construction of the Cathedral began in 1175, and it remains unfinished today. Narrow cobblestone streets surround Lausanne Cathedral, and guide visitors down to the picturesque waterfront area of Ouchy with its quaint shops and restaurants.

Collection de l'Art Brut

This is a must-see collection of art by untrained, outsider artists. Many of the artists spent much of their lives in and out of institutions, on the periphery of society. Their artwork reflects the challenges they experienced both from within themselves and from society.

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